PRX Membership

Congratulations, if you are currently a PRI affiliate and/or a PRX member, you are now simply a PRX Member. Welcome to the family!

  • PRI Affiliation vs PRX Membership: Stations will no longer pay for BOTH a PRI affiliation and a PRX membership.  You will simply pay one price for an expanded portfolio that includes additional services.  

  • FY20 PRX Membership Pricing: Toward the end of March, we will announce our FY20 PRX Membership pricing.

  • The Structure of Pricing: You'll see a familiar model; membership (instead of affiliation), programs and services. Plus we’re adding a ton of additional value for the very low, low price of...FREE!

  • PRX Membership Billing: Until June 2019, you’ll continue to see two bills from us. After that, you’ll get one bill.  



Our newly combined, award-winning content portfolio is better than ever. We want to help you program for your specific audiences. Some of those changes include:

  • PRI’s The World Refresh: We’re refreshing the entire show, from the sound and the journalistic ambition to the introduction of new, global voices. The program will be more responsive to stations take new approaches to tackling global topics.

  • PRX Remix for Free: PRX Remix offers an amazing 24/7 stream of “stories on shuffle” and curated hour-long programs, featuring the very best independent voices. PRX Remix will be available to all member stations for free.

  • PRX Exchange Intro Content Package for Free: PRX Exchange is the largest broadcast collection of programs anywhere. All member stations will receive a 26 hour content package for free.  



PRX is opening up its most leading-edge technologies to stations. Your station will be able to easily and affordably share content with audiences, collaborate on stories and programs, and ultimately drive sponsorship revenue.  

  • Automated Broadcast Distribution through PRX Exchange with Waived Fees: We’re waiving all on-boarding fees to our proven broadcast distribution service and will offer extensive training for your production teams.

  • PRX Networks Production Sharing Platform for Free: Our powerful PRX Networks platform helps station-based content teams collaborate, share and innovate. You’ll get unlimited access for free.

  • PRX Publish w/ Metrics Digital Distribution Platform for Free: We want you to experiment with digital content. You’ll get a free publishing package along with extensive metrics.

  • PRX Dovetail Ad Insertion Technology will be Expanded for Station Use: It’s our aspiration is to open our groundbreaking ad insertion technology to stations. Access to Dovetail will unleash new revenue opportunities. 



PRX will offer member stations more access to its acclaimed producer training programs. Developing skilled production talent is critical to your success. We want to help!

  • Continued Commitment to PRX Project Catapult: We will continue to invest in training programs created especially for stations, like Catapult. Our commitment to advancing public radio talent is stronger than ever.

  • PRX Online Talent Training Webinars and Videos for Free: Access to PRX training will be available anytime, anywhere. We’re developing a library of original training modules that will be offered to stations for free.

  • In-Person Talent Training Scholarships and Discounts: PRX will offer member stations significant discounts to our in-person classes and offer limited scholarships for stations that need financial assistance.