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Versify is part storytelling and part poetry. A person tells a poet a story from their life. This is where the magic comes in. The poet listens intently and then turns that life story into a poem, on the spot. The show is part of Project Catapult, from PRX.


A Hurricane, a Wedding and a Flood

For Betty and Raul Malo, lead singer of country band the Mavericks, their romantic life has been punctuated by a series of severe storms.


The Thread Stretched Between Us

They say you should never go into business with family — but for Craig Fernandes, starting a patriotic clothing company with his son Brady has actually brought the two of them closer together.


Insider's Guide to Prayer

When Mark Lemley was 17, he lived through a near-death experience that fundamentally altered his outlook on life: a car accident that has haunted him for 24 years, and he wasn't even the one in the car