The West Wing Weekly

The West Wing Weekly is an episode-by-episode discussion of The West Wing, one of television's most beloved shows. The podcast is co-hosted by one of the show's stars, Joshua Malina, alongside Hrishikesh Hirway. The show is a member of Radiotopia.


And It's Surely to Their Credit

  Loosen your tie. Loosen whatever you'd like. But don't get it twisted: leaf peeping is totally a thing.


17 People

When we spoke to Emily Procter (episode 2.04), she told us a story about a lunch meeting she had with Tommy Schlamme that had an unexpected twist. We've been holding on to her story until this episode.


In This White House

Emily Procter joins the show to talk about her first appearance on the West Wing as Ainsley Hayes. Plus, for some context and perspective on the storyline about AIDS in Sub-Saharan Africa, Ambassador-at-Large Deborah L. Birx joins.


“Reveling in the show’s rich details while also calling out where its flourishes haven’t aged so well, the [West Wing Weekly] podcast proves the celebrated series still offers an inspiring glimpse into the Oval Office, except with far less tweeting."           — LA Times