Podcast Playlist

Curated mix of the best stories from the podcast world, all tied to a weekly theme.


Producer: Canadian Broadcasting Corporation
 Files delivered every Friday at 1500 ET starting May 13, 2016.
Host: Matt Galloway and Lindsay Michael
Length: 59:00 
Number of programs: Ongoing, weekly 
Broadcast rights: Available to all PRI affiliate stations on a time-period-exclusive basis. Stations may air each program two times within seven days of the feed. The series must be carried on a regular, weekly basis. Simulcast streaming rights are available for this series. See terms and conditions here on the InfoSite. Prior to carrying this series, stations must contact their PRI Client Relations Manager

Listener inquiries: podcastplaylist@cbc.ca 

Program Web site: http://www.cbc.ca/radio/podcastplaylist 

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Twitter: @podcastplaylist 
FB: www.facebook.com/cbcpodcastplaylist/