PRX and PRI are merging.

PRI and PRX, both leaders in award-winning journalism and storytelling, are merging to build a public media company focused on the next generation of creative talent to serve stations and listeners that demand the highest-quality content.

We believe strong public media is anchored in journalism, strengthened by new voices and amplified by innovative technology. In an effort to advance this commitment, we’re bringing together PRI’s award-winning journalism and storytelling with PRX’s cutting-edge content and on-demand audio distribution technology to form the first network merger of its kind. The combined organization will have a significant portfolio of broadcast and podcast shows, as well as technology services that help producers improve their craft, grow and sustain their work. 

The merger will be finalized in early fourth quarter 2018, and the organizations will begin integrating operations immediately. Kerri Hoffman, CEO of PRX, will become CEO of the new combined organization. Alisa Miller, CEO of PRI, will become executive board chair of the combined organization for the first year.

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Why does this matter?

We are joining together now because we see a field that – for all its excellence and success, for all the passion of its core constituencies – must adapt to a profoundly changing marketplace and to meet the heightened needs of the public. Our missions are complimentary, consolidation and efficiency is good for the system

How do stations benefit from the merger?

We’re excited about a combined portfolio and can’t wait to fill you in on the details in the coming weeks and months. In addition to the current programs both organizations currently offer, beginning January 1, 2019, you can expect additional benefits added to your membership and/or affiliation that include:

  • Free audio space to distribute station produced content on the PRX Marketplace

  • Free PRX Marketplace package for system-wide distribution of station generated content

  • Free PRX Remix content

  • Free PRX Publish package for station podcast distribution

If I’m not a PRI affiliate, but I carry PRX programs, do I now have to pay an affiliation fee?

The relationship you have with PRX still stands through the rest of the fiscal year. We’ll update you as our plans evolve. We’re committed to making this merger a positive thing for all stations.

Will PRI keep an affiliation fee?

Yes, your fee for 2018 will remain the same. Beginning January 1, 2019, we will enhance the value of the portfolio with free access to PRX programs in the marketplace and technology.

Will my PRI and PRX programs still be distributed via the same platform that I use now?

For now, yes. The distribution platform remains the same. By January 1, 2019, most PRI non-live programs will move from Content Depot to the PRX Exchange. Programs like PRI’s The World, The Takeaway, C24, As It Happens, and q will continue to be distributed through Content Depot. The distribution of current PRX programs will not change. We will work closely with your operations team to ensure a smooth transition with no interruption in service. We’ll be in touch with you soon for more information.

Who do I talk to about PRI and/or PRX programs I carry?

Cathy Twiss:, 612-330-9233
Mike Pfeifer:, 612-330-9216 or 888-202-5034
Tracy Phan:, 612-330-9268 or 888-330-4134
Laura DiLodovico:, 612-330-9208 or 888-330-4137
Content Depot related technical issues:, 800-971-7677

Sean Nesbitt:, 617-576-5455 x214
PRX help desk:, 617-576-5455 x0