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Outside Podcast

From the editors of Outside Magazine and PRX, this podcast applies Outside’s longstanding literary storytelling methods to the audio realm, creating features that will both entertain and inform listeners along the way. Check out the "Science of Survival” series, which chronicles how we survive nature's most harrowing life or death situations. 


Frozen Alive

 Endure a series of plausible mishaps on a bitterly cold night: a car accident on a lonely stretch of road, a broken ski binding that foils a backcountry escape, a disorienting tumble in the snow, and a slow descent into hypothermia and delirium before (spoiler alert!) a dramatic rescue.


Under Pressure

When you’re stuck underwater in a submarine, the number of ways you can die is long and varied—crushing, burning, asphyxiation, exploding, the list goes on and on. Escaping alive requires maintaining calm and making all the right choices. Which makes it all the more surprising that one of the first known submarine survival stories involves the first-known undersea fistfight. 


Cliffhanger, Pt. 3

Outside searches through the wreckage of Eastern Airlines Flight 980 on a remote mountain in Bolivia. Who hired climber Bernardo Guarachi to get to the crash site back in 1985? And why did he never speak to anyone about his ascent? Have the crash details remained a mystery because of international cover-up or just bad weather and bad luck?


"[Outside] listeners are presented with a narrative that is at once an intensely analytical, visceral, and emotional experience, which helps keep the subject matter from feeling invasive or voyeuristic—a perennial pitfall of TV shows like 'I Shouldn’t Be Alive'.” -A.V. Club